FM Group (Federico Mahora)

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Hello and welcome to the magical world of the Federico Mahora ( FM Group ) fragrances.

FM Group by Federico Mahora

You have just found the way to a large palette of flavors – delicate & refreshing, amorous & attractive, classical & sophisticated…

We, just like you, love to share the joy which the Federico Mahora perfumes ( sold through FM Group ) continuously have to offer.

When we saw that our perfumes benefit of such great appreciation from the customers, we decided that more people just like us, and you, should gladly get to know and to be fond of them.


Founded in 2004, FM Group has been dynamically developed across Europe in the perfume sales domain like no other companies in multi-level marketing.

Currently, FM Group is a well-known and appreciated trademark across the world and today you can join us and have a wonderful and fruitful collaboration.

Main products sold through FM Group

  • Perfumes – Federico Mahora
  • Cosmetic products ( anti-ageing creams, hand and nail creams, body balms, shower gels, etc. )
  • Make Up products
  • Coffee – Aurile
  • Home care products – FM For Home
  • Car care products


Main advantages of an FM Group distributor

  • 40% Profit margin on each product you sell, regardless of the order total
  • You will gain a commission from your sales
  • You will gain a commission from your team’s sales, unrelated to their own commission
  • High quality, affordable, sought after products
  • There’s no minimum order, no maximum one
  • There’s no monthly target
  • Unique, modern and efficient Marketing Plan
  • Leaders can sign up new distributors in any country where there’s an FM Group branch
  • After registering within FM Group, the company will give you a distributor code and a password that will allow you daily to view your activity report
  • Great rewards for leaders

All you need to become a FM Group distributor is:

  • to be over 16
  • to purchase a starter kit [slider title="?"]The starter kit is needed so your potential clients can choose the fragrance they like.
    The price of the starter kits is shown on your country’s page under Availability[/slider]
  • to find a sponsor ( you have found us )


If you want to join us just use the “registration form” and if you have got any questions please use the “contact form.

To find out more about FM Group click on “About FM Group“, and for more details about the rules of collaboration please click on your country’s flag on the “Availability” page.

This website belongs to a team of independent FM Group distributors.

FM Group Starter kit with 160 perfume samples FM Group Starter kit with 100 perfume samples FM Group Starter kit with 20 perfume samples
FM Group Starter kit with 160 samples FM Group Starter kit with 100 samples FM Group Starter kit with 20 samples