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*Joining us

In Romania you have the choice to become a [slider title="recipient"]A “Recipient” Membership allows to purchase the products for the personal use at the discounted member price and does not required purchasing of the Starter Kit. A “Recipient” Member can become a Distributor at any time in the future.[/slider] or a [slider title="distributor"]A “Distributor” Membership allows to purchase products for personal and business use.[/slider]
To become a distributor you must:

  • purchase a [slider title="starter kit"]
    Every Starter Kit is marked with a unique code, which needs to be placed or
    written on a distributor contract. Writing the code number is necessary for the
    contract to be registered. Contracts without Starter codes or without attached order for a Starter will not be registered.

  • The starter kit is needed so your potential clients can chose the fragrance they like.

  • sign a distributor contract through the medium of a [slider title="Sponsor"]
    One of us can be your sponsor. You can chose your sponsor once. If you have chosen another sponsor we may refuse to provide you with support.[/slider]
    A sponsor can act in any country in the world.

In Romania there are available 3 kinds of starter kits with different amount of samples and different prices:.

  • 20 samples – 48 RON
  • 100 samples – 125 RON
  • 160 samples – 188 RON

We recommend you chose the largest one ( the one with 160 samples ) so any client could find his/her fragrance from this large palette.

Transport costs

Depending on your order and location the delivery will cost between 8 and 16 RON, or it could be free if you have a larger order ( at least 400 points, that is about 16 perfumes from the classical collection ).

Earnings and benefits

By becoming a distributor you will be able to buy the products at lower prices ( distributor’s price ) and sell them according to the catalog price ( that will be your direct profit ).
You will also gain a commission from what you have sold, depending on your sales volume, in any given month.
As a distributor, you can also create your own network of distributors and gain a monthly commission from their sales, unrelated to their own commission ( for more information please read the marketing plan ).

Depending on your account’s status you can have discounts up to 50% of the order total. In Romania you can accumulate without limits.

The formal criteria for paying the commission is companies .

By creating your own network and reaching a certain level you can participate in motivational programs organized by your local FM Group branch or by FM World, but we’ll talk about this when you will get there :) .

FM Group Romania catalog and marketing plan

fm group romania catalog fm group romania marketing plan

*To see the complete list of rules for joining FM Group please click here.
**Some information may change.

If you want to join us and/or have any question don’t hesitate to contact us.

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FM Group Starter kit with 160 perfume samples FM Group Starter kit with 100 perfume samples FM Group Starter kit with 20 perfume samples
FM Group Starter kit with 160 samples FM Group Starter kit with 100 samples FM Group Starter kit with 20 samples